Top Gun Technology focuses on IBM zSystems mainframes, IBM Power Systems and legacy IBM pSeries and iSeries servers. We are experts in IBM storage (IBM tape drives and disk drives), and Dell EMC Products. Our expert engineers reconfigure hardware in our technical center.

All mainframes and complete machines are IBM banded and certified before leaving our facility. Our active position in the marketplace allows us to maintain a significant inventory that is constantly evolving with the latest available hardware on the used market to help clients find the right technical solutions at below market prices.

IBM zSystems

Mainframe users need to discover the financial benefits of refurbished IBM zSystems processors. Top Gun will show you how IBM banded/certified processors and needed feature upgrades can make sense in your data center plans. Let us help with your z13, z13s, EC12 and BC12 and older zSystems hardware needs.


Top Gun can assist with IBM Power Systems, Dell EMC and HPE industry standard servers (ISS). We supply high-quality, reliable hardware solutions, complete systems and parts at low prices.

Our IBM zSeries, IBM pSeries and iSeries servers are fully refurbished, tested and guaranteed eligible for IBM or Top Gun maintenance.

Our Dell EMC, HPE ISS servers are fully refurbished, tested and provided with our warranty and eligible for Top Gun maintenance.


Top Gun assists mainframe and open-systems clients with SAN and Enterprise storage projects whether the requirement is for a multi-frame library, VTL or a single used IBM tape drive or disk drive. Our engineering staff will configure, deliver and install the solution that best meets your technical and financial requirements.

SAN Connectivity

Top Gun has refurbished IBM and Brocade switches, routers or SAN directors and Cisco storage networking inventory. We have the expertise to understand what refurbished options incorporate the best value for your current and future data center needs.