From our CEO,

On behalf of Top Gun Technology and our entire team, I appreciate the opportunity to provide you an overview of our company’s history, culture and services we provide our clients. We are confident that our approach will clearly demonstrate our expertise, flexibility, service delivery management and our commitment to client satisfaction.

Since 1991, we’ve built our expertise and reputation solely on providing hardware services and maintenance support for Mission Critical Server, Storage and Networking environments. It is our commitment to always employ a world leading technical staff and product experts for the equipment we buy/sell and service.

Top Gun Technology is built upon the following Value System throughout our organization.

Integrity: We absolutely do what we say.
Resolute: We are tenacious in developing and improving our solutions.
Commitment: We believe that our deep client relationships are integral to our success.
Expertise: We continually build upon our expertise to drive client satisfaction.

Unlike other providers, Top Gun does not state we are experts across all OEM Platforms Worldwide. Top Gun measures our success by being true to our passion and expertise, with one satisfied client at a time.

It is our goal to earn your trust and become your strategic business partner for providing maintenance support and product offerings for Mission Critical Server, Storage and Networking environments.

Thank you for your interest in Top Gun Technology.

Best Regards,

Joel L. Owens
Top Gun Technology, Inc.