Top Gun trades a broad range of Cisco Systems and Juniper products and is focused on enterprise, data center and service providers. We specialize in Cisco’s primary categories of routers, switches, and wireless systems providing the highest levels of speed, service and availability. Our inventory covers current generation to previous and legacy generation.

Cisco Systems Products

UCSUnified Computing SystemsCisco Unified Computing Systems (UCS) blades and rackmount servers
ISRIntegrated Services Router (ISR)CISCO8xx
CISCO16xx/17xx/25xx/26xx/36xx/37xx (Pre-ISR)
CISCO18xx/28xx/38xx (G1)
CISCO19xx/29xx/39xx (G2)
CatalystCatalyst switches
WS-C19xx, 29xx, 35xx, 36xx, 37xx, 38xx, 4500X, 49xx,
NexusNexus datacenter switches
50×0, 22xx/55xx (G2)
3000/9000 (G3)
Select LDoS N7K Linecards
AironetWireless networking equipmentAIR-APxxxx WAP
AIR-WLCxxxx, AIR-CT25xx, AIR-CT5xxx Controller
FirewallPIX and ASAvPIX, ASA55xx
Firepower 2100, Firepower 4100, Firepower 9000

Juniper Networks Products

The Following is a list of Juniper Extreme EOL/EOS Models we support and resell.

Modular SwitchingS-Series,
8000 Series
SSA130, SSA150, SSA180, S1, S3, S4, S6, S8, K10, K6, 8900, 8000 c-Series
Standalone SwitchesD-Series,
800 Series
D2G124-12,D2G124-12P, 08H20G4-24, 08H20G4-24P, 08H20G4-48, 08H20G4-48P, 08G20G2-08
Network Access Points
Stackable Switches,
Summit Switches
Summit X150, Summit X250, Summit X250e
Summit X350, Summit X440, Summit X450a
Summit X450e, Summit X460 Series, Summit X480 Series
Summit X650 Series, Summit X670 Series