Manufacturers We Support

Top Gun third-party maintenance (TPM) specializes in the support for mission critical servers and storage within the data center.  We extend your equipments’ useful life long after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired. Our maintenance and product upgrade strategy allows you to keep your assets working for you for as long as possible.  For simplicity, you can consolidate and co-terminate all manufacturers across multiple data centers under one contract.

Our IBM,  Dell EMC, HPE ,Oracle, Lenovo and Cisco maintenance solutions cover the complex, legacy servers as well as industry standard (x86) with options such as call-home monitoring and software support.

Top Gun helps identify areas where both quality and efficiency can be improved and enhanced.

Business Benefits

  • Extend the useful life of your equipment and postpone technology refresh
  • Consolidate contracts and vendors with flexible contract terms and cancellations
  • Mix and match service levels within a single location across your enterprise
  • Replace parts on your existing products beyond manufacturer’s End of Service Life (EoSL)
  • Shorten call-to-dispatch times
  • Reduce hardware costs by 50% or more (lowering OpEx)
IBMzSeries Mainframes,
zSeries Servers
Z13 and below
IBMpSeries ServersPOWER8 and below to RS6000
IBMiSeries ServersPOWER8 and below to AS400
IBMxSeries ServersAll
Dell EMCPowerEdge ServersR930 and below
Dell EMCCelerra Storage,
CLARiiON Storage,
Symmetrix Storage
All Platforms
Dell EMCVMAX Storage,
VNX Storage
All Platforms
Dell EMCConnectrix Storage,
PowerVault Storage
All Platforms
HPEProLiant ISS ServersAll servers through G9
Dell EMCPowerEdge ServersAll servers R930 and below
CiscoUCSCisco Unified Computing Systems (UCS) blades and rackmount servers

CiscoAccess points
WLAN Products
Lightweight Access Points, Fat Access Points, Wireless Bridges, Wireless Controllers
800 Series, 1800 Series, 1900 Series, 2800 Series, 2900 Series, 3800 Series, 3900, 7200 Series, 7600 Series, ASR1000 Family
CiscoCatalyst Switches2960 Series, 3560 Series, 3650 Series, 3750 Series, 2960 Series, 3850 Series, 4948 Series, 4500 Series, 6500 Series
CiscoNexus Switches

2000 Series, 5000 Series, 7000 Series, 9000 Series
CiscoSecurity Products

PIX Firewalls, ASA Firewalls, VPN Concentrators, Other Security Appliances

JuniperModular SwitchingS-Series, K-Series, 8000 Series
JuniperStandalone SwitchesD-Series, 800 Series
JuniperNetwork Access PointsSummit Switches, Stackable Switches, A-Series, B-Series, C-Series