Top Gun Technology provides expert consultation to data center professionals seeking alternative cost saving solutions for their hardware issues and requirements.

Do you have time left on an existing lease but are in need of additional capacity now? Our case study shows how we helped our client in this exact situation.

Call us to help you resolve hardware issues and reduce TCO on your data center projects:

  • IBM zSystems: z13/2964, z13s/2965, EC12, BC12, z196 & z114 mainframes & features upgrades.
  • IBM Power Systems: POWER8 & 7/7+ and legacy p & iSeries Servers
  • IBM Storage: Tape, Disk (DS8XXX and more), Libraries and VTS
  • Connectivity: FICON Directors and 16GB Switches
  • Hardware Leasing: Any platform, new or used
  • Hardware Surplus Purchasing & Consolidation Services
  • HP (new and refurbished), Dell, SUN/STK, EMC, Cisco and other manufactures’ hardware is also available

Please contact us to maximize the financial benefits of utilizing refurbished, IBM banded/certified equipment in your data center.