NetApp FAS2650 End of Life

NetApp FAS2650 EOSL Date:


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NetApp FAS2650 End of Service Life

What is NetApp FAS2650 End of Service Life (EOSL)?

NetApp SupportEdge will support NetApp FAS2650 systems under warranty or service contract until 5/31/2024. After this date, NetApp will no longer provide break-fix and spares support, configuration support, access to patches, or work around guidance.

What is NetApp FAS2650 End of Life (EOL)?

End of Life (EOL) means that the NetApp FAS2650 will no longer be sold, marketed, or updated it after 5/12/2019. NetApp continues to offer post-warranty support, but Third-Party Maintenance (TPM) is available for most OEM equipment that is EOL.

Your NetApp FAS2650 is not at EOSL yet – Can you do anything?

Even though NetApp is still supporting your NetApp FAS2650, that doesn’t require that you have to stick with NetApp for your support. Top Gun Engineers provide 24/7 specialized support for your unique environment and work closely with you, both remotely and onsite. Take advantage of Top Gun NetApp third party maintenance services for quicker resolution, incident prevention, and continuous optimization of your mission-critical infrastructure.

Planning for EOSL for your NetApp FAS2650 equipment

Our TrueView™ Risk Assessment offers an unbiased risk evaluation for each type of device in your IT environment. In addition, a TGT Product Manager will help guide you through the process. Call us at 888-8-TOPGUN or fill out our request form and one of our platform experts will call you.


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