Juniper Junos OS (EOSL) End of Support Dates

The following table describes important details about each Junos OS release. When applicable, dates and milestones are listed in accordance with the policies in effect at the time of the software release and follow stated Juniper Networks End of Life/End of Support policies for Juniper Networks products.

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ProductFRS DateEnd of EngineeringEnd of Support
Junos OS 23.26/23/20236/23/202812/23/2028
Junos OS 22.412/22/202212/22/20256/22/2026
Junos OS 22.39/28/20229/28/20243/28/2025
Junos OS 22.26/23/20226/23/202512/23/2025
Junos OS 21.412/20/202112/20/20246/20/2025
Junos OS 21.26/29/20216/29/202412/29/2024
Junos OS 22.13/24/20223/24/20249/24/2024
Junos OS 20.412/25/202012/25/20236/25/2024
Junos OS 21.39/23/20219/23/20233/23/2024
Junos OS 20.26/30/20206/30/202312/30/2023
Junos OS 21.13/25/20213/25/20239/25/2023
Junos OS 19.412/26/201912/26/20226/26/2023
Junos OS 20.39/29/20209/29/20223/29/2023
Junos OS 19.39/26/20199/26/20223/26/2023
Junos OS 19.26/26/20196/26/202212/26/2022
Junos OS 20.13/27/20203/27/20229/27/2022
Junos OS 19.13/27/20193/27/20229/27/2022
Junos OS 12.3X483/6/20156/30/20206/30/2022
Junos OS 18.412/22/201812/22/20216/22/2022
Junos OS 18.39/26/20189/26/20213/26/2022
Junos OS 18.26/29/20186/29/202112/29/2021
Junos OS 18.13/28/20183/28/20219/28/2021
Junos OS 15.1X496/30/201512/31/20206/30/2021
Junos OS 17.412/21/201712/21/20206/21/2021
Junos OS 17.38/25/20178/25/20202/25/2021
Junos OS 17.26/6/20176/6/202012/6/2020
Junos OS 17.13/3/20173/3/20209/3/2020
Junos OS 16.211/29/201611/29/20195/29/2020
Junos OS 16.17/28/20167/28/20191/28/2020
Junos OS 14.1X539/26/201412/31/20186/30/2019
Junos OS 15.1X536/5/20156/5/201812/5/2018
Junos OS 15.16/5/20156/5/201812/5/2018
Junos OS 12.3X547/18/20141/18/20187/18/2018
Junos OS 14.16/13/201412/13/20176/13/2018
Junos OS 14.211/5/201411/5/20175/5/2018
Junos OS 13.31/22/20141/22/20177/22/2017
Junos OS 13.2X527/6/201412/31/20166/30/2017
Junos OS 12.1X4612/30/201312/30/20166/30/2017
Junos OS 12.1X478/18/20148/18/20162/18/2017
Junos OS 12.3X5012/8/20121/31/20167/31/2016
Junos OS 12.31/31/20131/31/20167/31/2016
Junos OS 12.1X441/18/20131/18/20167/18/2016
Junos OS 13.2X5111/22/201312/31/20156/30/2016
Junos OS 13.28/29/20138/29/20152/29/2016
Junos OS 12.3X528/23/20138/23/20152/23/2016
Junos OS 13.1X507/25/20136/30/201512/30/2015
Junos OS 13.13/15/20133/15/20159/15/2015
Junos OS 12.3X513/15/20133/15/20159/15/2015
Junos OS 12.2X507/5/20121/31/20157/31/2015
Junos OS 12.1X481/28/201312/30/20146/30/2015
Junos OS 11.412/21/201112/21/20146/21/2015
Junos OS 12.29/5/20129/5/20143/5/2015
Junos OS 12.1X457/17/20137/17/20141/17/2015
Junos OS 13.2X506/28/20136/28/201412/28/2014
Junos OS 12.1X494/19/20124/19/201410/19/2014
Junos OS 12.13/28/20123/28/20149/28/2014
Junos OS 10.412/8/201012/8/20136/8/2014
Junos OS 10.011/4/200911/15/20125/15/2013
Junos OS 11.38/15/20117/15/20123/15/2013
Junos OS 11.28/3/20116/15/20122/15/2013
Junos OS 11.13/29/201111/15/20115/15/2012
Junos OS 9.311/14/200811/15/20115/15/2012
Junos OS 10.38/15/20108/3/201112/21/2011
Junos OS 10.25/28/20105/15/201111/15/2011
Junos OS 8.511/16/200711/16/20105/16/2011
Junos OS 10.12/15/201011/15/20105/15/2011
Junos OS 9.68/6/20095/6/201011/6/2010
Junos OS 9.54/14/20092/15/20108/15/2010
Junos OS 9.42/11/200911/11/20095/11/2010
Junos OS 8.111/6/200611/6/20095/6/2010
Junos OS 9.28/12/20085/12/200911/12/2009
Junos OS 9.14/28/20081/28/20097/28/2009
Junos OS 9.02/15/200811/15/20085/15/2009
Junos OS 8.48/9/20075/9/200811/9/2008
Junos OS 8.34/18/20071/18/20087/18/2008
Junos OS 8.22/15/200711/15/20075/15/2008
Junos OS 8.08/15/20065/15/200711/15/2007
Junos OS 7.65/15/20062/15/20078/15/2007
Junos OS 7.52/8/200611/8/20065/8/2007
Junos OS 7.411/15/20058/15/20062/15/2007
Junos OS 7.38/16/20055/16/200611/16/2006
Junos OS 7.25/14/20052/14/20068/14/2006
Junos OS 7.12/14/200511/14/20055/14/2006
Junos OS 7.011/15/20048/15/20052/15/2006
Junos OS 6.48/12/20045/12/200511/12/2005
Junos OS 6.35/15/20042/15/20058/15/2005
Junos OS 6.22/15/200411/15/20045/15/2005
Junos OS 6.111/15/20038/15/20042/15/2005
Junos OS 6.08/15/20035/15/200411/15/2004
Junos OS 5.75/15/20032/15/20048/15/2004
Junos OS 5.62/15/200311/15/20035/15/2004
Junos OS 5.511/15/20028/15/20032/15/2004
Junos OS 5.48/12/20025/15/200311/15/2003
Junos OS 5.35/12/20022/15/20038/15/2003
Junos OS 5.22/12/200211/12/20025/15/2003
Junos OS 5.111/7/20018/12/20022/15/2003
Junos OS 5.08/17/20015/15/200211/15/2002
Updated July 2023

Software Releases under a particular Version.

A “Version” is a series of Releases of a particular software product with a common “x.y” denomination in the first two places of the Release identifier.

A “Release,” on the other hand, is a particular image issued under a particular Version. For example, Junos 12.2R1 through Junos 12.2R8 are all Releases under the same Version 12.2, whereas Junos 12.2R1 and Junos 12.3R1 are Releases under different Versions. Releases within a particular Version generally have
common features and functionality.

The following guidelines govern EOSE and EOS for the software Releases under any particular Version (“Release EOSE” and “Release EOS”, respectively).

End of life milestone deadlines for Releases are not triggered by an EOLN. Instead, a product-specific Process Support Notification posted on Juniper’s public website at or before general availability of the first Release under the applicable software Version will specify rules for Release EOSE and Release EOS. Juniper may modify those rules from time to time by posting on its public website.

End-of-Life milestones for Releases under one Version do not affect support commitments relating to Releases for other Versions.

  • Typical Timing of Release EOSE. EOSE for Releases under a particular Version generally ranges between 9 and 36 months after first general availability of the initial Release under that Version.
  • Effect of Release EOSE. After Release EOSE Juniper will not be under obligation to perform any further software fixes, code changes. No further Releases will be developed or distributed for that Version.
  • Typical Timing of Release EOS. Release EOS for Releases under a particular Version generally ranges between 6 and 12 months after the EOSE date for that Version.
  • Effect of Release EOS. After Release EOS Juniper will not be under obligation to perform support services of any kind for any Releases under the applicable Version. Juniper will not be under any obligation to keep any such Releases available for download after Release EOS.


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