Hitachi Vantara Warranty Lookup

Prior to requesting a quote through our website, we encourage you to check your existing Hitachi warranty. Doing so will help ensure that you maintain your equipment’s performance and functionality.

Checking Your Warranty For Hitachi Vantara Hardware

Looking up your Hitachi Vantara warranty by product:

There is one only way to check your Hitachi Vantara warranty. This brief six step guide will walk you through how you can quickly and easily check your remaining warranty on your equipment. Requirements: Your must already be registered on a Hitachi Support Connect, and you must have the necessarily login credentials to access your warrantied products.

Step 1: Login to Hitachi Vantara Support with your Customer account.

Logging into Hitachi Vantara Support

Step 2: Hover over My Hitachi and click on My Sites/Products in the drop-down menu.

Hitachi Vantara My Products Menu

Step 3: Select the hardware from the list of products that you would like to check the warranty and maintenance.

Step 4: If you have more than one of those products under this support account, select which one you would like to see in detail. In this example, we selected the AMS2000.

Step 5: Scroll down your page past Product Status, and Technical Bulletins to see the Warranties & Maintenance box at the bottom left corner. If you have any remaining warranty, or a warranty that has expired in the past six months, there will be additional information in this box. If there is no warranty, Hitachi will tell have the message “This product does not have active or recently expired warranties in the past six months.”

Hitachi Vantara Warranty Results

Step 6: Now what? Send us this information and let us know how long you want to maintain your equipment.

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