TrueView™ Proprietary Maintenance Contract Analysis

This analysis provides you with an unbiased data driven view of the risks associated with initiating an independent support strategy as opposed to manufacturer support into your IT environment.

Hardware Support Assessment

Our assessment begins with your hardware asset list. The IT hardware list is audited to discover the specific entitlement credentials for each device. Those devices are organized by mission criticality, indicating which should stay under manufacturer support versus which can and should be moved to a more cost-effective, independent support plan.

Hardware Support Exploration Stage

We evaluate how you currently use your equipment and what your future IT strategy looks like. That helps us determine the right manufacturer-neutral strategy for your IT hardware assets.

The final assessment results will identify an immediate reduction in Operating Expenses (OPEx) and identify scenarios where the manufacturer may be suggesting premature hardware upgrades. Allowing you to decide what is right for your data center environment.

TrueView™ Data Requirements

  • We import your asset list into our proprietary tool
  • We perform a proximity analysis for your assets with our spares
  • We prioritize OEM support value based on actual OEM data, mission criticality and sparing
  • Our final report shows risk level for moving devices to our Mission Critical support

TrueView™ Savings Determination

Green   Top Gun Support is Optimal. Top Gun can support these assets without forfeiting any critical support component. These products are prime candidates because their firmware / software updates have either ceased or are available independently. We can provide support on devices well beyond the manufacturer’s End-of-Life date. Moving these items to Top Gun support results in immediate OpEx reduction, extends the useful life of your hardware, and gives you more control of when you refresh.

Yellow  Top Gun Support is Optimal, if you have standardized on a specific firmware/software version. Transitioning items to Top Gun’s support is evaluated device by device. These products have reached a steady state even though updates could still be released. Many manufacturers sell updates separately, therefore you pay a premium for support while not using those updates and end up spending unnecessarily. Some products may have licensing constraints that could impact eligibility.

Red        Manufacturer Support Suggested.   Products in this category are cost effective for OEM Support because of their dependency on the manufacturer for critical elements of service such as license, features, updates, or niche technical support. As these assets age through their lifecycle, they typically transition into Yellow or Green support.