O.S. Support for IBM Environments Running Systems z, p and i

We offer the expertise of systems programmers and systems administrators to help you with your operating system software. We offer both project-oriented support and 24x7 support options. With an understanding of your environment and your requirements, we can propose a logical and cost effective methodology that accomplishes your needs and follow it with a formal Statement of Work.

O.S. Software Project Support

The following list provides a sampling of the areas where we can assist with your O.S. and associated hardware:

  • O.S. assistance (z/OS, z/VM, z/VSE, Linux on z, AIX and OS/400)
  • Subsystem assistance (DB2, CICS TS, MQSeries, etc.)
  • ISV (non-application) assistance
  • LPAR or virtualization services
  • Support during hardware moves, installs, additions, changes (hardware push/pull support)
  • Data migrations
  • Server consolidation (including feasibility studies)
  • Workload transfer to Linux
  • Data center consolidation/relocation support
  • Data center re-design and build-out guidance
  • Business Continuity (Disaster Recovery) plan review and assistance
  • Performance planning/tuning or capacity planning.

24/7 O.S. Support

This service includes 24/7 access to senior-level systems programmers or administrators by phone and e-mail. If requested and permitted, these professionals can even be prepared to directly access your systems to better understand errors or failures. The service provides incident tracking and reporting. On-site support is an optional service that we also make available.

  • 24/7 access to senior level experts for assistance through resolution, any Q&A, any best practice discussions
  • Phone support (with 24/7 Call Center dispatch and 15-minute response by expert)
  • Incident tracking and reporting

PLEASE NOTE: Our 24x7 O.S. Support Service cannot be considered a replacement for SWMA (for System p and System i environments). Since we are unable to sell O.S. upgrades, if you have plans to upgrade your O.S. at any time, you will require IBM SWMA. Unfortunately, cancelling SWMA for your hardware will result in significant up-charges from IBM when and if you require the upgrade. You should only consider our 24x7 support option if you have near-term plans to retire your hardware and do not anticipate any needs for an upgrade.


Please contact us for additional details or to discuss your environment and your current/future objectives.