Increased IT demand can arrive with little warning, so it’s important to know that you have a short-term solution available to help you meet the challenge in changing circumstances. Top Gun Technology can help you meet these fluctuations in demand with IT hardware rentals and swing equipment.

Improved Flexibility

Even if you have your company’s technology refreshes meticulously planned out for the coming years, there is always the chance that your needs will change. Workloads can be inconsistent, especially if your business picks up a new client, agrees to a temporary project or experiences seasonal shifts in demand. For times like these, versatility is crucial to your success.

Our experts are ready to help you make the necessary adjustments to maintain your productivity. We provide two options for companies that need short-term assistance:

Leased Equipment

Top Gun’s IT hardware rental products match the performance of a long-term purchase without the steep price tag and long-term commitment that comes with brand new hardware. When you lease from Top Gun Technology, you can be certain that increased demand won’t lead to production slowdowns or financial setbacks.

Swing Equipment or Short Term Rental Equipment

Moving your business operations to a new location requires diligent planning, because every minute without the necessary IT hardware, costs a business money. From the time you unplug your equipment in one location to the time you set it up in another, you are offline and missing what it takes to get work done.

Top Gun Technology solves this problem with swing equipment. We will provide your company with matching hardware at your new facility before you move out of your old space, and configure these items to match your existing infrastructure. Whether you need IBM mainframe replacement services or a temporary server solution at your new location, swing equipment allows you to focus on other aspects of the transition.

Cost Savings

Every successful business pays close attention to its bottom line, and our short-term IT hardware provides you with a budget-friendly solution. Rather than using capital for steep new hardware costs, you can divert these funds to the other expenses that come with a productivity increase. Whether you use the saved money for logistical support, marketing expenses it’s good to know that your money isn’t tied up in costly IT infrastructure.

Ongoing Support

Our experts are always available to assist you with your IT hardware and we will answer any question you have about getting the most out of your equipment. You’re never on your own when it comes to maintaining our rental or leased equipment. Our experts can help you resolve hardware issues as they arise, so you’re never left wondering how to stay productive during a busy work period.