Top Gun Technology offers a variety of IT services designed to support and extend the life cycle of your IT environment.


TrueView™:Detailed proprietary risk assessment comparing OEM Support vs Top Gun Support
Provides insight into OPex and CAPex reductions
Capacity Planning:Avoid OEM refresh cycles
Capacity upgrades for existing systems
Cost effective scalable solutions to extend the life of your asset
Technology Refresh:Need for larger capacity, faster drives or additional licenses
Higher performance requirements
Requirement for higher O/S Levels and compatibility with new applications
IT Asset Disposition:Deinstallation and packing services for retired assets
Removal of obsolete decommissioned equipment
Buyback/trade-in or consignment of valuable IT assets
Data Erasure:Secure data erasure
Secure media/hard drive destruction
Certificate of erasure or destruction provided
Financial:Swing gear for data center moves or migrations
Leasing options
Short term rental