Top Gun delivers a variety of IT asset related services:

  • Capacity Planning
  • Refurbished  IT equipment sales
  • Management of OEM support, software licensing and third party maintenance
  • Logistics and chain of custody functions
  • Secure IT device erasure and disposal to NIST and DoD standards
  • Financial management, leasing and financing

Top Gun’s experienced account managers gather your company’s current hardware and software information which is used to make decisions regarding IT hardware equipment purchases, redistribution and replacement. Our plan will help your company save time and money by avoiding IT asset purchases and promoting the re-use of existing resources.

Capacity Planning

Top Gun maps out future upgrades on IBM zSystems Mainframes, IBM Power Systems and Dell EMC storage. Top Gun’s IBM zSystems Mainframe experts will ensure that your planned IT upgrades are added to or built into systems in order to be used for Mission Critical demand.

Technology Refresh

Top Gun offers certified refurbished hardware that meets your technology refresh needs. If you are looking at N-1 technology to reduce hardware costs, we have a wide and varied inventory of certified refurbished hardware for your enterprise data center needs. We want to help you cut costs and save important budget dollars with used IBM, EMC Dell and Cisco Mission Critical solutions.

IT Asset Disposition

We will support and maintain your post warranty equipment throughout the migration and decommissioning process.

Once migration is completed, our engineers arrange for the safe and secure decommissioning of servers, storage arrays and SANs. You have the option to take full advantage of our post warranty support services that allow older hardware to remain operational for as long as you need.

Data Erasure and Secure Data Deletion

When fully decommissioned and no longer needed, Top Gun will schedule secure data deletion that conforms to local and international data protection laws.

Our decommissioning team provides advice about redeploying hardware and redundant arrays for reuse in software defined storage environments. If appropriate, we arrange for safe disposal or recycling of unused equipment, freeing up space in your data center.

Hard drive wiping proceeds according to NIST 800-88 guidelines and is completely irreversible.  Physical destruction of disk platters can be conducted on-site if they are not to be reused.

Financial Management

When it is time to review your software or support contracts, we are masters at Capacity BackUp (CBU) contracts, Third Party Maintenance (TPM) contracts and how they fit in your refresh strategy. Our large asset inventory allows us to stage and schedule your asset decommissioning with swing inventory and generous asset buyouts. If your lease has not come to term, we can arrange a buyout to facilitate your upgrade or refresh strategy.