Used, Refurbished & Reconditioned IBM, HP and Sun Servers

Whole Server Systems Available

We carry a strong inventory of whole systems (especially IBM, HP, Sun) to support the needs of our clients. If your needs are extremely urgent, our account executives will team with our product managers to have a deep understanding of your server requirements and can often find an alternative configuration that will work well for your needs, even if only as a short-term solution.

Server Parts Available

We also carry a significant inventory of parts for IBM, HP and Sun servers. Many third-party maintainers around the world rely on us for our parts expertise and our extensive inventory.

Option to Lease

Top Gun Technology has developed a hardware leasing program to further serve its clients. This server leasing service is designed to help our clients lease either new or refurbished servers at a better price and with greater flexibility throughout the course of the lease. Even though we don't sell new hardware, when you buy from the manufacturer, you can still choose Top Gun Technology for its hardware leasing solutions.

Worldwide Clients: End-users, Resellers, Third-Party Maintainers

Our team has a worldwide reputation for expertise in servers, storage and peripherals. End-users, third-party maintainers, wholesalers, IT outsourcers and leasing companies rely on us for whole systems, parts and deep-level product knowledge for every platform we sell.

The largest independent maintenance companies in the country rely on us for smarts, parts and training. In fact, we have built seamless relationships with these maintainers, so that together we can provide multi-platform expertise while offering a single point of contact to any data center environment.

Our References

We suggest that you reach out to Gartner to verify our hardware and support expertise and our business direction. However, if you would like additional references, please feel free to ask your account executive.