Refurbished & Reconditioned Hardware

We are always available to provide you pricing on any IBM (zSeries, open systems, storage), HP (servers and storage), Sun & Sun/STK, HDS or EMC hardware you wish to retire and remove from your data center. We will offer fair market value pricing based on marketplace availability and marketplace demand. Our aggressive position on purchasing your used IT assets creates a significant base of inventory from which we can assist your company and its IT budgets.

We also sell whole systems, parts/features for any of the OEMs listed below:

EMC Products Available - Storage

  • EMC CLARiiON Disk products (all models)
  • EMC Symmetrix Disk products (all models)

Hewlett Packard Products Available - Servers & Storage

  • HP Proliant DL Servers (all models)
  • HP Proliant ML Servers (all models)
  • HP 9000 and HP Integrity Servers (all models)
  • HP Tape Libraries, StorageWorks EVA Disk Arrays, XP Disk Arrays, StorageWorks MSA Disk Arrays, StorageWorks Disk System (all models)

Hitachi Products Available - Storage

  • HDS Enterprise Storage products (all models)
  • HDS TagmaStore USP Storage products (all models)
  • HDS Lightning 9900 V Storage products (all models)
  • HDS Modular Storage products (all models)
  • HDS Thunder V Storage products (all models)

IBM Products Available - Processors, Servers & Storage

  • IBM zSeries Mainframe Processors (all models)
  • IBM pSeries and iSeries Servers (all models)
  • IBM Enterprise and Open Systems Disk products and Tape products (all models)
  • IBM Tape Libraries and VTS Controllers (all models)
  • IBM ESCON (all models), FICON, Switches, Sysplex Timers and Console Controllers

Sun (Sun/STK) Products Available - Servers & Storage

  • Sun SPARC Enterprise Servers (all models)
  • Sun Fire Servers (all models)
  • Sun/STK Tape Libraries and Tape Drives (all models)

Please contact us for additional details or to discuss your environment and your current/future objectives.