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Back to Basics: How Mainframes Work & Their Future

By |November 16th, 2019|Categories: Mainframes|

Mainframes carry a stigma of being old technology, but they’re actually more relevant than ever. Today, mainframes are responsible for anything from checking in airline passengers to approving your purchase at the grocery store. Mainframes provide the e-commerce and mobile world a reliable, available, and scalable way to perform their most basic business functions. Before we dive in, let’s define some important terms: Central Processor (CPU): The main brain in charge of processing data and moving it to the correct input/output processor. System Assistance Processor (SAP): Smaller processors that help move data around as quickly as possible to the processor with the correct input/output programing. Architecture: The programing engineered into a processor that details its main function (moving data, storing data, performing client statistics, processing bulk information, computing data, etc). Input/Outputs (I/Os): Smaller CPUs built with specific architecture to take in an input and rapidly compute an output. These are stored in the I/O Cage of the mainframe. 1. How Mainframes Work Mainframes have been running in the background for decades supporting conveniences such as ATMs, accurate bank statements, online and [...]

Top 3 Mainframe Security Best Practices You Need to Know

By |November 13th, 2018|Categories: Mainframes|

There have been many high-profile data breaches in recent years, and each has demonstrated the need for ironclad security measures for businesses of all sizes. While many companies focus their security efforts on commodity servers that host consumer-facing applications, it’s just as important to protect internal resources, such as mainframes. This type of hardware might seem isolated from hacking risks, but unfortunately, that is not the case. Mainframes host a high volume of critical data, so they are a prime target for breaches. To complicate matters, the majority of business data security solutions focus on other areas of types of breaches. It’s crucial to expand your efforts beyond what most obviously needs protection because hackers know the most common business vulnerabilities to exploit. If you’re ready to take action to protect your company’s mainframe infrastructure, read on to learn how to get started with our list of mainframe security best practices. Manage Access Control First things first—if you’re asking what access control entails, it’s time to make a plan to protect your data. Access control outlines restrictions on who [...]

The Secondary Market Can Help You

By |June 14th, 2018|Categories: IBM zSystems Mainframes|

As clients are dealing with the spending restraints when it comes to IT capital equipment, they are now taking the time to research the historically misunderstood secondary market. Purchasing strategies that may have worked just a few years ago may not be optimal to get the highest ROI today. What has been the result?  Times are changing and the secondary market is instrumental in many companies’ IT hardware project planning and implementation strategies. Let Top Gun show you how the secondary market makes sense when you need hardware, maintenance and associated services. IBM zSystems: z13/2964, z13s/2965, EC12, BC12, z196 & z114 mainframes & features IBM Power Systems: POWER8 & 7/7+ and legacy p & iSeries Servers IBM Storage: Tape, Disk (DS8XXX and more), Libraries and VTS Connectivity: FICON Directors and 16GB Switches Hardware Leasing: Any platform, new or used Hardware Surplus Purchasing & Consolidation Services HP (new and refurbished), Dell, SUN/STK, EMC, Cisco and other manufactures' hardware is also available IBM zSystems Mainframes

Discounted zSystems Mainframes for ISVs

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Top Gun Technology offers affordable refurbished N-1 IBM zSystems mainframes for IBM Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). ISVs that apply for IBM’s Z Developer Discount offering can pair the program with one or more refurbished N-1 IBM zSystems mainframes. ISVs do not have to buy new zSystems hardware to apply for this program. Top Gun offers competitive pricing, and we are prepared to meet your data center’s needs with our extensive inventory. ISVs will be able to save both on software and the purchase of refurbished IBM zSystems hardware. To take advantage of these IBM Partnerworld benefits, ISVs must be a member of the program in good standing. In addition, ISVs interested in the discount must: Actively develop, support and market commercial zSystems applications Encourage customers to use the IBM Z platform Receive annual certification for their IBM zSystems products Follow other stipulations outlined by IBM To see more information on the requirements for IBM’s Z Developer Discount, view the official IBM summary of the program.

State of Mainframe 2018

By |January 10th, 2018|Categories: IBM zSystems Mainframes, IT Hardware, Mainframes, z13 Mainframes, zSystems|

Results from the Syncsort's State of the Mainframe in 2018 survey showed that IT professionals plan to focus on "mainframe optimization, cost reduction and spending" by "optimizing general processor CPU usage and leveraging zIIP engines to save money and improve performance". Mainframe organizations can further reduce costs on mainframes by talking to Top Gun Technology. Top Gun can supply IBM certified 2964/z13 and 2965/z13s mainframes, with or without added hardware warranty, at costs much lower than the OEM or business partners. Please contact us to maximize the financial benefits of utilizing refurbished, IBM branded/certified equipment in your data center.

Expert Consultation for Your Data Center Issues

By |December 13th, 2017|Categories: Hardware Leasing, IBM iSeries Servers, IBM Power 7, IBM Tape Libraries, IBM zSystems Mainframes, IT Hardware, Mainframes, Storage, z13 Mainframes, zSystems|

Top Gun Technology provides expert consultation to data center professionals seeking alternative cost saving solutions for their hardware issues and requirements.Do you have time left on an existing lease but are in need of additional capacity now? Our case study shows how we helped our client in this exact situation.Call us to help you resolve hardware issues and reduce TCO on your data center projects:IBM zSystems: z13/2964, z13s/2965, EC12, BC12, z196 & z114 mainframes & features upgrades.IBM Power Systems: POWER8 & 7/7+ and legacy p & iSeries ServersIBM Storage: Tape, Disk (DS8XXX and more), Libraries and VTSConnectivity: FICON Directors and 16GB SwitchesHardware Leasing: Any platform, new or usedHardware Surplus Purchasing & Consolidation ServicesHP (new and refurbished), Dell, SUN/STK, EMC, Cisco and other manufactures' hardware is also availablePlease contact us to maximize the financial benefits of utilizing refurbished, IBM banded/certified equipment in your data center.