Your Ultimate Data Center Resource

If you're new to working with Top Gun Technology, it may be helpful to understand the value that our other clients see in what we are able to offer them. Although you might value different things about the relationship we are about to build, the following represents what most others see and feel when they work with us.

Budget Savings

If you're considering a relationship with a company other than the OEM, then you're already focused on your budget and creating savings wherever they may be possible. Although we like to see our solutions as smart ones, we acknowledge that our clients respect the savings we help them generate.

Leader in Responsiveness

Clients from all over the world comment regularly on our responsiveness and the level of detail we provide when asked a question or approached for any assistance. We understand that you need relative information quickly to balance the demands of your day and to help keep your company competitive.

Multi-Platform Hardware Solutions

Many companies provide access to refurbished and reconditioned hardware from multiple OEMs. However, we position ourselves differently by not being biased by any one OEM and make recommendations that make sense to your requirements and existing environment. We work for our clients, not the manufacturers we represent or trade.

Expert Consultation

We understand that there are many "box droppers" in the marketplace and these companies only serve to further commoditize the hardware marketplace. Top Gun Technology is singularly focused on your changing needs and how we can help you prepare for the immediate and distant future.

Often, we hear from our clients that many of their hardware and support vendors do not fully listen to their needs and repeatedly come back to them with solutions (new technology loaded with services they don't need and pre-paid warranties) they didn't ask for and don't need. Alternatively, they are surprised with the depth of which we listen and the logic rooted in our responses.

A Helpful Resource

We want our clients to think of Top Gun Technology as a very helpful resource that they can approach at any time and for any reason. A long-term relationship is less about making money and more about providing an unconditional, deeper level of service.