A Unique Approach to Your Data Center Requirements

Although many companies offer used and refurbished hardware, we don't look at the solutions you require with "commodity" in mind. Instead, we provide a blend of expertise, listening, client service and excellent pricing to provide our clients with a level of support that many felt was missing in the marketplace. Many of our clients had been under the assumption that they didn't have a choice - that they were obligated to choose the OEM for all decisions about their data center environment. They were also under the assumption that they had little control over their budgets. Unlike the OEM, our business strategy and solutions are dictated by the needs of our clients and the solutions they require.

Our sales staff and product specialists have an average of 20+ years experience providing guidance to data center clients. It's less about "buying your used hardware" and "selling you a reconditioned asset," as it is about trying to understand what you need to accomplish and what business driver you are trying to serve. Staying current with the technology and steadfast to client wishes has been a successful business model over the years for our team. Specifically, we strive to help our clients make informed decisions about their IBM, HP, Sun, EMC and HDS hardware and support.

Strong History & Reputation in IBM Hardware (zSeries, pSeries, iSeries, tape, disk)

We have been involved in the technical support and sales of IBM products for more than 20 years and have assisted countless Fortune 1000 companies with productivity and capacity planning, technology refreshes, data center mergers/migrations, reconditioned hardware, hardware support and maintenance, etc. Many members of our staff have worked together for nearly 10 years and take a great deal of pride in providing expert solutions that produce immediate savings and loyal clients. At any time, feel free to ask for our references.

Our Consultative Sales Approach:

Our account executives understand that to differentiate Top Gun Technology from other companies that provide IT hardware, their style must be rooted in a consultative approach that is focused solely on the best interests of the client contact, his/her company and its goals/objectives. Each account executive we employ embraces the following standards and values in their service to each client:

Preparedness - Helping prepare you for the next bottleneck by suggesting forward-thinking solutions.

Timeliness - Thoughtful and respectful follow-through.

Patience - Offering patience throughout the decision-making process.

Raise Questions - Respectfully, but to promote critical thinking and an improved outcome for the client.

Offer Ideas - To promote savings, efficiency, etc.

Offer Flexibility - To consider all/other options.

Offer Experience(s) - To share and improve decision-making.